The Red Shoe Story

Why the Red Shoes?

Red Shoe Story

The Red Shoe Story started when the Gurri family escaped Cuba November 5th, 1960. Dr. Joseph Gurri discovered that professionals would no longer be able to leave the country and made plans to leave for a “business trip” with the family joining him for a “visit” a few days later.

Fleeing with little more than the clothes on her back, mother Beba wore impractical red shoes as a quiet defiance to Castro. At the Havana Airport, armed communist enforcers. They pointed rifles at Beba and told her to follow. As mother Beba left, she turned to Joe, the oldest sibling, and said, “If I don’t’ return, take the girls to Miami to meet Papi.” Her red heels could be seen as she walked around a corner. Her red heels could be heard clicking for quite some time.

After what seemed to be forever, Joe gathered the Gurri sisters, Irene, Elena and her twin, Margarita and started towards the boarding area. Just the, CLICK CLICK CLICK, mother Beba joined them.

Shortly after arriving in the USA, a woman walked up to Beba and declared, “Those shoes make you look loose.” Beba stiffened in anger, but quickly relaxed and proudly said, “Jes! I can dance!” Those red shoes transformed the power of conflict with courage, humor, and grace. With a Red Shoe attitude, Dr. Gurri turns the negativity of life into positive thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Birth of the Red Shoe Institute

At the age of 18, Margarita Gurri, went to the Marine recruiters’ office in her catholic high school uniform to enlist in the Vietnam War. The recruiters told her she did not have the “right equipment.” Frustrated that she was unable to serve, Margarita found ways to support our American military and their families in gratitude for the freedom afforded to the Gurri family as refugees, then naturalized citizens. Since her clinical internship in Virginia, Dr Gurri has worked with active duty service members and their families. In 2008, she joined the Yellow Ribbon Speaker Cadre, speaking to thousands of reserve and guard warriors, military families, and veterans.

In time, it was clear that the Yellow Ribbon Program was immensely successfully up to 180 days post-deployment. This sparked the idea to create entrepreneurship events with a focus on business, communication, and family life to support our military families before, during, after deployment in to a happily ever after. The Red Shoe Team is comprised of patriots, all immigrants or born to naturalized American citizens. All are honored to support our military leaders and families. 

Entrepreneurship for Military Families will be launched in 2018 with events planned in several locations in the continental United States and on in Alaska.

About Dr. Margarita Gurri, CSP

Meet the woman behind the Red Shoes. 

Dr. Margarita Gurri has been inspiring global audiences to laugh, communicate, and connect for over thirty years as an ethics, communications, and conflict-management specialist. Learn why even the toughest audiences melt in her presence.


Red Shoe Attitude

Laugh. Communicate. Connect.

The Red Shoe Institute helps organizations thrive by providing the skills to more effectively communicate and connect with one another.

From corporations and businesses, to the military and government officials, our Keynotes and Workshops are a fun and interactive way to energize your people while providing effective techniques that will lead to greater success.

Consultation and Coaching provide a deeper dive into personal awareness and skill development.

With a little tweak and a huge dose of humor, each of us can Laugh, Communicate, and Connect.



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A companion to our Keynotes, Workshops, and Consulting, the Red Shoe Institute has published several books to help even more people laugh, communicate, and connect.

The Ethical Speaker. "We all want to do the right thing. The Ethical Speaker offers a super simple solution to figuring our just what that is." George Walter, CSP, CPAE .

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Trilogy of Anger. Use the principles of the martial art of Aikido to invite each of us to react to other's anger and negative input productively in a creative and positive way.

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Anglican Prayer Beads. We are awed by the power of beautiful beads that bring peace to so many faces. Each of us can add grace and joy to our world. This little book invites even more of those precious resources.

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She uses humor and storytelling to inspire …

“Dr. Margarita Gurri is an insightful and clever problem solver, and a consummate professional. An experienced speaker, she uses humor and storytelling to inspire audiences. As trainer and consultant, she educates and encourages joyfully and successfully. I’ve worked on several of Margarita’s projects ranging from books to training materials to presentations to marketing strategies. She’s focused, tireless, on-point, articulate, and a delight to work with. Margarita has become a friend, a collaborator, and my go-to person when I want to pressure-test ideas.”

—Dave Bricker,
Strategic Storytelling