Winners Need An Edge.

We Fuel The Edge

Successful teams and athletes need support to perform their best.

Behind every successful team and athlete is a staff to support them. From coaches and trainers, to managers and administrators, top performers need every edge they can to succeed.

The Red Shoe Insitute has several programs to help top teams to thrive and achieve their absolute best. Our programs are designed to allow each athlete to attain maximum focus, and each team to improve the communication and happiness that lead to success.

The Best Deserve the Best

The Red Shoe Intitute helps maximize performance, on and off the court.

Red Shoe Athletic Programs are fun and practical in helping players and teams maximize their performance on and off the court. Individual and group coaching sessions focus on:

  • Visualizing Succes
  • Enhancing Public Speaking Skills (for keynotes and other presentations, autograph sessions, player events)
  • Handling mistakes and conflict
  • Managing Stress Across the Life Cycle of a Player (from being newly drafted or traded to reaching stardom to being cut to retiring)
  • Enjoying Family Life and Other Relationships


The perfect cure for the common keynote.

Nothing says success like a happy client, and fortunately, we have a lot of those! Learn from our clients why a Red Shoe Keynote is right for your organization.

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Learn and practice the skills for success. Laugh. A lot.

Participants are invited to share how a Red Shoe Attitude has helped them laugh more, communication better, and connect more meaningfully. Share your story today!

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