Touch Base Tuesdays with Dr. Ed Dunkelblau


Dr Ed Dunkelbau helps families prepare for the before, during, and after phases of military deployment. He shares his practical wisdom in a discussion with your seasoned and sassy psychologist Host Dr. Margarita Gurri

Tune in and Touch Base as this award-winning speaker psychologist shares his Deployment Wisdom. Families are systems, they function with various parts, adjust to a missing member, and readjust to a return to completeness in their own way.

  1. Prepare for and anticipate homecomings with frank discussions
  2. Take it slowly
  3. Use friends, family, and professional supports
  4. Talk about wishes and concerns
  5. Use humor and play

Director of the Institute for Emotionally Intelligent Learning, Dr. Dunkelblau is a licensed clinical psychologist who speaks nationally to schools and Fortune 500 companies on social-emotional intelligence, humor, and health. He is a DoD Yellow Ribbon speaker, Email.

His commitment, innovation, and expertise have been recognized: Distinguished Alum Service Award Univ of Kansas and Columbia, Lifetime Achievement Award from the Association for Applied Therapeutic Humor. He is immediate Past-President of the Association for Applied Therapeutic Humor and a contributing author to the Handbook of Humor and Psychotherapy.  

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Touch Base Tuesdays with Dr. Richard Doss


Suicide prevention is just one question away. "Are you thinking of killing yourself?"

Dr. Richard Doss is an award-winning clinical psychologist who prevents suicide. With your sassy psychologist Host Dr. Margarita Gurri, Dr Doss helps us start this difficult taboo conversation and discusses what to do about it to help save a life. 

Dr. Richard Doss is a Clinical Psychologist with the Department of Veterans Affairs Vet Center with years of experience as a trauma specialist. Not long ago he was the Suicide Prevention Manager for the Department of Defense working with the US Army Reserve. He has trained hundreds of Soldiers and their families in the art of Suicide Awareness and Suicide Prevention.

Tune in and Touch Base to start that conversation that just might save a life. Join your host, Dr. Doss and the Touch Base Tuesdays' community of listeners. Call: 929-477-3765

The question for today is. “How do I help someone who is thinking of killing themselves?”

  1. Listen
  2. Ask, “Are you thinking of killing yourself?”
  3. If, “Yes”, ask “What's going on?” Allow them to tell the story.
  4. Listen for reasons to live.
  5. Set up Action Plan: secure guns, hospital, counselor…
  6. Take Action: Call 911 or escort to a hospital, clinic, mental health professional…

Reach out to Dr. Richard Doss at  708-359-3568. 
Reach to Dr. Margarita Gurri at 954-609-9904.

Touch Base Tuesdays with Marlene Ware


All that extra deployment pay? Nothing to show for it? Transitioning from the military to a civilian job? Identity been stolen?

Make the most of each hard-earned dollar today and tomorrow. Learn from Marlene Ware, Director of Financial Stability with Warrior Support Services, a Division of the National Foundation of Debt Management. Marlene helps active duty, guard, or reserve military families and civilians be financially fit for healthier families and an even stronger nation.

Tune in and Touch Base, to learn from this wise, practical, and fun Financial Advocate.

Marlene’s Cover Your Assets Tips

  • Create a lifelong financial rhythm
  • Set little, reachable, sustainable financial goals for a healthy financial life
  • Learn the secrets of saving
  • Climb out of your financial hole
  • Protect your identity

A bona fide Certified Credit Counselor and military mom, she volunteers with Employer Support of Guard and Reserve where Marlene helps military folks transition from military to civilian jobs. This Fall 2014, she will advocate for financial health for all Americans in an upcoming United Way Conference.

Reach out directly to Marlene via her cell at 727-239-3690

Touch Base Tuesdays with MAJ Sarah Merwin McLevy, LG, FLARNG


MAJ Sarah Merwin McLevy, LG, FLARNG, S1, 83rd Troop Command – Bronze Star recipient and the Human Resource Officer for the 83rd Troop Command in Tallahassee, Florida… discusses deployment homecoming strategies with your seasoned and sassy psychologist Host Dr. Margarita Gurri.

A former Deployment Cycle Support Chief, MAJ McLevy led a team supporting deploying Guardsmen with 71 Yellow Ribbon events, preparing over 25,000 Soldiers and their families for the stress of deployment and redeployment.

Maj McLevy speaks to the question of “How do we prepare for deployment and homecoming?”

Tune in and Touch Base as this decorated soldier shares her practical knowledge.

  • What’s the Yellow Ribbon Program?
  • Why are Guardsmen and Reservists returning from deployment facing the unemployment line?
  • How can the Florida Guard Family Career Connection help soldiers find a job?

The mother of two beautiful daughters, Kali 23 and Kimberly 19, Maj McLevy’s loves being “Nana” to her granddaughter, Lorelei; Clemson Tigers play football, and her road bike.

Contact Major Sarah McLevy: 850-245-0119.

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Touch Base Tuesdays with Lt Col Todd Riddle, USAF AFRC


Lt Col Todd D. Riddle, USAF AFRC 442 Fighter Wing Air Force combat-decorated and current mission ready A-10C Instructor Pilot, and Wing Inspector General… discusses his Three-legged Stool theory for deployment readiness with your seasoned and sassy psychologist Host Dr. Margarita Gurri.

Family Readiness is Battle Readiness. Lt Col Riddle speaks to the question “How do I get my family ready for my deployment?” His answer? “Work, Love, Dance.”

Tune in and Touch Base as this decorated airman shares his Deployment Survival Tips. You can reach him on LinkedIn.

  • Deploying communicates to your loved ones the importance of your work. How do you communicate how important they are in the midst of that separation?
  • How do we tell the kids?
  • What can I do to find this work still rewarding in the midst of "The Long War”?

Lt Col Riddle is a riveting keynoter and resourceful organizational consultant addressing Performance Excellence, Why Fighter Pilots Win, Leadership, Living in Balance, and Service Before Self. He and his beautiful wife Sarah have 3 children and live in Warrensburg, Missouri. Life for Todd and his family revolves around Nebraska football, endless kids’ activities, poorly played golf and brief escapes aboard a 100 cubic-inch v-twin muscle bike.

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