Touch Base Tuesdays with Brian Anderson



Dr. Margarita Gurri features CEO and co-founder of The Veteran's Alternative, Brian Anderson founded November 2014 to bring peace and comfort to returning veteran's. The program helps this population with many resources on a national scale.



Our mission is to serve Veterans experiencing triggers related to combat and their families through a resiliency & strength-based program utilizing proven alternative therapies.  

(This organization is registered under s.496.405 and in compliance CH46872.  Registration information may be obtained through the Florida Department of Agriculture 1-800-HELP-FLA (435-7352) or

Thank Heavens for Difficult People!


Red Shoe Strategies for Dealing with Difficult People
      Rumor has it, that even in the Renal World, difficult people roam the earth.

      Say it ain’t so! Yet, where would we be without difficult people?

     “Difficult people are irritants. They can help us make pearls.” My mother, Beba G. Gurri, said when we came across difficult people. Without these people, we would not hone our personal power and Red Shoe Attitude or Skills. Somehow, I have faith that we have all taken turns creating and harvesting a long string of pearls. Here’s some salt-free food for thought.

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Touch Base Tuesdays with Dr. Ed Dunkelblau


Dr Ed Dunkelbau helps families prepare for the before, during, and after phases of military deployment. He shares his practical wisdom in a discussion with your seasoned and sassy psychologist Host Dr. Margarita Gurri

Tune in and Touch Base as this award-winning speaker psychologist shares his Deployment Wisdom. Families are systems, they function with various parts, adjust to a missing member, and readjust to a return to completeness in their own way.

  1. Prepare for and anticipate homecomings with frank discussions
  2. Take it slowly
  3. Use friends, family, and professional supports
  4. Talk about wishes and concerns
  5. Use humor and play

Director of the Institute for Emotionally Intelligent Learning, Dr. Dunkelblau is a licensed clinical psychologist who speaks nationally to schools and Fortune 500 companies on social-emotional intelligence, humor, and health. He is a DoD Yellow Ribbon speaker, Email.

His commitment, innovation, and expertise have been recognized: Distinguished Alum Service Award Univ of Kansas and Columbia, Lifetime Achievement Award from the Association for Applied Therapeutic Humor. He is immediate Past-President of the Association for Applied Therapeutic Humor and a contributing author to the Handbook of Humor and Psychotherapy.  

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