Inspire. Educate. Entertain. 

Interactive, fun, educational, inspiring keynotes

Kick Off and Close Meetings with Impact!

Inspire, educate, and entertain. Make your meetings matter.

Grow your business with Red Shoe Keynotes.  What better way to energize your team? Learn, have fun, and grab your team's attention. Practice new skills in a fun and interactive learning culture to create immediate skills with long-term results.

Step Up and Make a Difference with the practically perfect antidote to boring meetings.

Many Topics. One Goal.

We help leaders and teams Step Up to Make a  Difference!

Consultation ensures client and industry-specific needs are captured. One size does NOT fit all. The path to success is unique.

  • Master Conflict and Difficult People
  • Grow Your Business
  • Ethics and Sexual Harassment
  • Humor, Stress, and Happiness
  • Leadership in Good Times and Bad

Red Shoe Keynotes are the perfect compliment to a Red Shoe Workshop

Always On-Key

Red Shoe Keynotes: The perfect compliment to a Red Shoe Workshop

Like a great bottle of wine with dinner, Red Shoe Keynotes are the perfect compliment to a Red Shoe Workshop. Set the tone for the skills we practice and develop in Red Shoe Workshops.

Customized to the needs of your organization, a Red Shoe Keynote energizes your team and gives them the skills, and motivation for success.


She uses humor and storytelling to inspire …

“Dr. Margarita Gurri is an insightful and clever problem solver, and a consummate professional. An experienced speaker, she uses humor and storytelling to inspire audiences. As trainer and consultant, she educates and encourages joyfully and successfully. I’ve worked on several of Margarita’s projects ranging from books to training materials to presentations to marketing strategies. She’s focused, tireless, on-point, articulate, and a delight to work with. Margarita has become a friend, a collaborator, and my go-to person when I want to pressure-test ideas.”

—Dave Bricker,
Strategic Storytelling