Educational and Entertaining.

Kick Off and Close Meetings with Gusto!

Be memorable. Set the tone. Make your meetings matter.

Red Shoe Keynotes are interactive, fun, and inspiring. What better way to energize your team? Our goal is to grab the audience's attention and set the tone to create a shared memorable experience. By using humorous and inventive techniques, audiences practice new skills together in a fun and interactive learning culture with immediate skills and long-term results.

Get ready to Laugh, Communicate, and Connect as, together, we create the practically perfect antidote to boring meetings.

Many Topics. One Goal.

We help groups and organizations laugh, communicate, and connect.

Each Red Shoe Keynote is tailored to the audience's specific needs. Research, surveys, and consultation ensure client  and industry-specific needs are captured. One size does NOT fit all. The path to success is unique.

  • Dealing with Difficult People
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Ethics
  • Humor, Stress, & Happiness
  • Teamwork

Always On-Key

Red Shoe Keynotes: The perfect compliment to a Red Shoe Workshop

Like a great bottle of wine with dinner, a Red Shoe Keynote is the perfect compliment to a Red Shoe Workshop. The Keynote helps set the tone for the skills we practice and develop in the Workshop.

Always customized to the needs of your organization, a Red Shoe Keynote helps energize your team and gives them the skills, and motivation, for success.


Her energy and joie de vivre are infectious…

“Margarita is an excellent clinician who practices her craft with expertise, caring and integrity. She is an extremely ethical professional, valuing diversity and facilitating positive change in her clients. In addition to her psychotherapy skills she is an extremely effective consultant and presenter. Her expertise allows her to teach and consult on a wide variety of topics related to both children and adults. Finally, Dr. Gurri is an author who writes for the lay public. Her goals are always the betterment of her community and her readership. In addition to all of these skills, Dr. Gurri is an energetic, playful and extremely loving human being. Her energy and joie de vivre is infectious and I have no hesitation in giving her my highest recommendation.”

—Ed Dunkelblau, Ph.D. Director,
The Institute for Emotionally Intelligent Learning