Business Workshops

Leaders need an edge. We hone that edge.

Red Shoe Workshops

Build teams. Boost skills. Inspire results.

Reach beyond mere compliance. Go for it! Use individual and organizational talents and quirks to develop skill, teamwork, and a culture of continuous learning. Workshops are live and virtual, ranging in length from half-day, full-day, weekend retreats, and larger-scale year-round programs for sustainable change.

Follow-up coaching for key individuals and teams provides a deeper dive into skills. Workshops are tailor-made with the help of interviews, surveys, town hall meeting, observations, and consultation.

  • Executive Presence for Women in Business
  • Dealing with Difficult People
  • Ethics: Sexual Harassment and Hostile Workplace
  • Diversity: Inclusive Workplace Cultures
  • Change Management Town Hall Meetings
  • Tao of Poo: Humor, Stress, and Happiness
  • Leading Others to Excellence

Workshops That Don't Feel Like Work.

Learn and practice the skills for success. Laugh. A lot.

All work and no play makes anyone dull. Red Shoe Workshops help you sharpen your skills, and practice new skills, in an interactive learning culture.

With a bit of fun and a big dose of humor, our skill-based workshops grab your team's attention and invite risk-taking to reach for the ultimate in personal enhancement for workplace success.

Walk the high road to success with a Red Shoe Workshops.

Virtual Master Classes

Learn anywhere. Earn excellence.

Busy leaders learn anywhere, anytime with virtual master classes. From the privacy of your office or on the beach, understand what gets in your way and learn the skills needed for success. Schedule live videoconferences and teleconference virtual classes alone or with your team. Classes run from 60-90 minutes. Dive into one topic or engage in the series.

  • Lead so they Follow, Speak so they Listen
  • Connect to Close More Sales
  • Master Public Speaking
  • Deal with Difficult People
  • Debrief Mistakes and Excellence for Peak Performance
  • Invite Creativity with Humor and Play
  • Understand What Get in Your Way

Roll Up Your Sleeves

Workshops that reinforce the Red Shoe secrets to success and happiness.

Red Shoe Workshops are the perfect compliment to a Red Shoe Keynote.Keynotes motivate and ask why. Workshops focus on how. They provide a vibrant learning environment to expand upon and practice the skills learned in the keynote. Participants leave feeling energized and excited to return to work to implement these new skills.

Possesses a very positive attitude…

“I was very impressed with Dr. Margarita Gurri. She was definitely a crowd pleaser. She had relevant information, and spiced it up with anecdotes and video. Laughter is definitely healing, and with the different scenarios experienced by our members and families, I believe they all were touched by her presentation. Reintegration is very important to families, and members. I see much upheaval during this process. Having eyes opened to the fact that it is not a honeymoon period, but a difficult time for some, puts the families and members at ease. I highly recommend Dr. Gurri for future events. She possesses a very positive attitude that is contagious! This helps to get the program off on the right foot, and encourages members to attend her break out sessions.”

—Family Readiness – A Key to Mission Readiness