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Entrepreneur, Podcaster, and Philanthropist, Shawn Welchef joins Margarita and David for an action-packed, heartfelt conversation with tips for family, business, and life. WOW!

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Customer Service Tips for Excellence

Everyone is your customer: clients, vendors, and colleagues. Workplace satisfaction improves when we extend respect to internal customers – colleagues and supervisors.

How do you do this? The answer is customer service excellence. Two communication strategies from the TopLine Patient Experience training help us deal with even the most frustrating internal customers: Empathy and Heart-Head-Heart Communication™.

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Step Up with Julia Harper: Blame it on Your Brain!

Julia Harper, PhD, MS, OTR/L is a psychologist, life coach & mentor, occupational therapist, business owner, speaker and writer. She is also a mother and wife. She brings all of these roles together to serve her mission of helping all people to live their lives beyond limitations.

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Thank Heavens for Difficult People!

Red Shoe Strategies for Dealing with Difficult People
Rumor has it, that even in the Renal World, difficult people roam the earth.

Say it ain’t so! Yet, where would we be without difficult people?

Difficult people are irritants. They can help us make pearls.” My mother, Beba G. Gurri, said when we came across difficult people. Without these people, we would not hone our personal power and Red Shoe Attitude or Skills. Somehow, I have faith that we have all taken turns creating and harvesting a long string of pearls. Here’s some salt-free food for thought.

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Choose Happiness, Own Your Power! The Key to Success is a Red Shoe Attitude

There is an elegant power to happiness. It helps us succeed in love and life.

Yet, happiness cannot be a goal. It is the by-product of living with our values matching our behavior. It’s all about owning our power.

How do you give away your happiness? For women, the answer is easiest to see in how we deal with difficult people and situations.

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Cheerios, Dog Hair, and Sand

Looking at my car, I decided that there are three things I always want in my car. For me, these are a sign of happiness, of a life well-lived. What are yours?

As a young mother I used to lament my inability to vacuum up all the escaped Cheerios from my daughters’, Jess and Kate’s, car seats. The Cheerios seemed to spontaneously generate after enthusiastic vacuum jobs or just in mid-sentence. Now, as a happy grandmother, I cherish those Cheerios that root themselves in the fabric of my car after transporting my youngest grand girl, Taryn.

Second and third are dog hair and sand. These two go hand-in-hand. What good is a life without either? After my friend Achim bought his second convertible, we went to the beach. As we parked near the beach, he commented that he always wished to have sand in his car. I agree. What a great thing it is to have a beach nearby, the energy to play in it, and the wisdom to visit it often. True joy.

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Guilt-free Holiday Excess

Ah, the holidays. I hear so many people talking about losing weight so they can eat more during the holidays in a guilt-free way.

Since when did eating become a sin? Oh, right, gluttony.

So… does one big night of joyful eating, or two or three, really make for gluttony? I think not.

What are the holidays for but to do things differently? We are more grateful, more desirous of joy and happiness, more ambitious with goals for business and personal lives, more generous, and more likely to let loose with our usual disciplines. Sounds good to me.

This year, why not let yourself really enjoy, so you don’t have to gorge yourself. Guilty eating just makes us stuff our faces without real enjoyment of the yumminess of it all. Consult your medical, holistic, or nutrition professional and banish the scales, enjoy the beautifully-set tables, and savor the bounty of this universe.


7 Ways to Sabotage Ourselves

When I procrastinated as a child, fussing over little details, my father, Joseph N. Gurri, M.D., would kiss me on the head and softly say, “Perfection is the enemy of completion.” He was so right. How delicious it is to ponder one little detail while avoiding other less attractive aspects of an unfinished project. In my consulting and coaching practice, I face these very issues with clients and myself. So naturally, when I was avoiding a project, I came up with 7 Ways to Sabotage ourselves. I never said a good procrastination couldn’t be productive!

7 Ways to Sabotage Ourselves

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Paperwork and Delegation Skills

Yuck. Paperwork. How often does a piece of paper or virtual document conjure up dread and ire? What’s a winner to do?

Aha! Delegation is to the key to my paperwork success. I stink at paperwork. I can read a form and the ink or digital characters just float before my eyes with no meaning.

Yet, my daughter Jess. who runs the Red Shoe, sees clear opportunities and responses.

Being Catholic, I forced myself to complete all paperwork by myself. The combination of torture, guilt, and relief was shared by my accountant as he had to deal with my less-than-perfect renditions of completed forms.

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Holidays are a great time to feel crushed by competing obligations. Ho ho hrmph! What’s a grump to do?

I’d say that Hawaii sounds good, but those of us that live in Florida are already in paradise.

So, its time to take a 15 minute time chunk and do a core brain dump of all obligations, nagging thoughts, and wishes, taking special note of anything we are dreading or avoiding. Looking at this list is any over-loaded individual or procrastinator’s nightmare. It is also the beginning of salvation.

With professional To Dos on the left-hand column and personal ones on the right, its clear why we were in hrmph mode.

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