Fostering creative partnerships to drive monumental success.

Getting to the Heart of the Matter

With the right support, any organization can thrive.

Red Shoe Consulting is all about helping our clients shine in good times and in bad. Consultations provide an individualized, in-depth look at what works, what doesn't, and help teams facilitate solutions.

As a seasoned psychologist, facilitator, and coach with a practical and humorous touch, Dr. Margarita Gurri, with her Red Shoe Team, is able to quickly assess the "uh ohs" that trouble your team, and create a cohesive, workable plan to resolve those problem areas and enhance the strengths.

With the right support, we can achieve marvelous things for the greater good and invite each individual to maximize their positive impact.

Facilitate Key Meetings for High-Performers 

Avoid Corporate Politics. Grow. Faster.

By facilitating key meetings, we are able to help you avoid the trappings of traditional corporate politics by preventing "brown nosing" from interfering with honesty. This fosters an environment conducive for communication and success, leading to a positive retreat or planning session experience.

These meetings help build on existing communication, leadership, and conflict management skills, while creating a safe, open atmosphere with on-the-spot coaching and training. This kind of environment invites everyone's buy-in and honesty, without allowing the day to dissolve into unproductive and morale-slashing gripe sessions.

Just as important, we are able to redirect any feuds, lingering, or emerging issues into positive, productive group dynamics and task-approach strategies.


Getting Past the Plateau

Times of Forward-Thinking Growth

As organizations are poised to take the next step, it is extraordinarily important to get outsider's fresh perspective to see beyond the day-to-day, and help focus on the future.

We are able to help with all, or some of the following goals and tasks:

Leadership Communication

  • Coach key teams and individuals on leadership
  • Coach key teams and individuals on public speaking
  • Help Executives hone key messages in their communications
  • Create or polish PowerPoint presentations
  • Serve as liaison with venue IT teams at organizational meetings and events
  • Help sculpt programs for live and virtual events

Leadership Development

  • Develop key personnel
  • Update policies to support vibrant ethical workplaces
  • Facilitate strategic planning
  • Provide input into hiring and staffing
  • Coach new and transitioning supervisors
  • Provide guidance for ethical dilemmas and other crisis
  • Executive coaching can take several forms.

Our leadership coaching teaches how to inspire, bring out the best in others, set limits, provide effective consequences for policy and performance problems. Our public speaking coaching helps each speaker bring out their genuine self.

Times of Trouble 

Red Shoes can be used as a flotation device.

In times of crisis, the Red Shoe Institute is there to be your proverbial bridge over troubled waters. Whether they be areas of conflict, transitions, ethical dilemmas or retention issues, our experience and guidance can be the difference between righting the ship, or circling the drain.

By quickly assessing the problem areas, we are able to help implement strategies and techniques to help promote and foster laughter and communication, which always lead to connection and success.