Jess Ennis, MBA

Jess Ennis, MBA

Business Phoenix

Jess Ennis has the magical touch to help clients grow. Our Business Phoenix’s insight and experience help successful businesses shine, distressed business go from red to black, and start-ups prosper.
With her MBA in Business and BA in Psychology, she is a creative force in building long-term partnerships with individuals, corporations, and communities. Jess has steadfastly contributed to our corporate, entrepreneurial, and military family programs for more than 15 years. Her fresh outlook, impeccable instincts, and keen sense of humor are an ever-present blessing that benefit our clients.


A man walks into a bar. “Ow!”

And... A horse walks into a bar. The bartender asks, “So why the long face?”


What had happened was...

It was one of those days when nothing seemed to go right. A friend and I had to wait in line to fix a billing problem not of our making. The car broke, so we walked with our moods plummeting. Along the way, we bought a bag of oranges from a street vendor and a bit bag of Twix. Moods improving, we joined a long slow line of grumpy citizens.

Things suddenly seemed ridiculous. We handed our the organages and Twix to those in line near us and moods improved. We laughed, joked, and celebrated as another person made it to the counter and another person added to the line.

With a sense of the ridiculous, a bit of humor, and a generous spirit, we turned the day around for ourselves, our line mates, and for sure, those working behind the counter.