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A happy workplace is a
productive workplace.

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Maximize effectiveness by improving communication.

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Winners need an edge.
We are that edge.

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The Perfect Cure for the Common Keynote


Interactive, immediate and fun, a Red Shoe Keynote is the perfect way to energize your team, while giving practical, creative, and workable solutions to everyday problems. Our goal is to grab the audiences' attention and set the tone to create a shared experience.


Participants are excited to practice new skills together in a fun and interactive learning culture. By using these humorous and inventive techniques, she offers audiences immediate skills with long-term results.


Get ready to Laugh, Communicate and Connect as, together, we create the practically perfect antidote to grumpiness.

Many Topics. One Goal.

We help groups and organizations laugh, communicate, and connect.


The primary theme behind a Red Shoe Keynote is communication and humor to inspire success. This core theme manifests itself in several forms, including Communication Skills, Stress & Crisis Management, Conflict Management, Leadership, and Ethics.


Every single Red Shoe Keynote is custom-tailored to the audience's specific needs. One size does NOT fit all. All paths are different, yet the path is always more enjoyable with a Red Shoe Attitude.
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Roll Up Your Sleeves

Workshops that reinforce the Red Shoe secrets to success and happiness.


The perfect compliment to a Red Shoe Keynote, Red Shoe Workshops provide a vibrant learning environment to expand upon and practice the skills learned in the keynote.


Red Shoe Workshop are a safe environment to create a better, more effective workplace culture. Participants leave feeling energized and excited to return to work and implement these new skills.

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Watch and read what our clients say about us.


Nothing says success like a happy client, and fortunately, we have a lot of those! Learn from our clients why a Red Shoe Keynote is right for your organization.

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Success Stories

Real stories where a Red Shoe attitude has made life better.


Participants are invited to share how a Red Shoe Attitude has helped them laugh more, communication better, and connect more meaningfully. Share your story today!

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