Margarita Gurri, PhD, CSP

Red Shoe Doctor

Resolve professional and ethical conflicts. Innovate short-term solutions and long-term strategies. Reduce stress, increase productivity, and bolster your bottom line. Cultivate practical solutions for impractical problems in good times and bad.

Dr. Gurri is sought after by corporate, military, and healthcare leaders. A seasoned consulting psychologist, best-selling author, and speaker, she plays with therapeutic humor in interactive keynotes, coaching, and training to heal and energize. Margarita Gurri brings the experience you need to save the day or step up to the next level with a Red Shoe Attitude.

Books include: The Ethical Speaker, Trilogy of Anger, and co-authorship of The Happiness Recipe.

Credentials: Dr. Gurri is fluent in English and Spanish. She holds a PhD in Clinical Psychology from the University of Kansas and has completed post-graduate work at the University of Maryland and Menninger Institute. She is a National Speakers Association Certified Speaking Professional (CSP).


One of my favorite (appropriate) jokes

“How do you make a tissue dance?” You put a little bogey in it!

This simple sweet little Kindergarten joke is hands-down my all-time favorite G-rated joke. It brings a smile to my face and fond groans to others’ throats with each telling.

Another one comes from comic Brian Reagan who, as the youngest brother, would rush to the back seat of the car shouting, “I claim the hump.” He knew he would be stuck with this unpleasant middle seat anyway, so he embraced his destiny with grace and power, claiming this default seat as his choice. What a victory!


The Miami Wave

One day, I was minding my business, driving on the Florida Ronald Reagan Turnpike heading south to Miami with my young grand daughter, Taryn. I was going the speed limit in the middle lane. The nerve! How rude of me to drive within the speed limit. How inconvenient for everyone else!

A young man came up on my bumper quickly. He became a hemorrhoid, tail-gater and started to beep his horn for me to speed up. I was in his way and he expected me to fix his problem by speeding up.

Then he did it. He did the Miami Wave, that special salute with one’s middle finger, flashing in his rear view mirror and later thrusting his manicured digit outside of his driver’s window.

I started to get mad. But… being a nice, middle-aged Roman Catholic-American grandmother (or Lela - for abuela), I like to help young ones meet their goals, not like this.

I thought about returning the special salute. My kids are shocked at this, but it entered my thoughts. It had a certain appeal at the moment. He has inspired my middle finger to twitch.

Then it hit me. I could turn things around with a bit of humor and have some fun at his expense and mine. Really, the situation was ludicrous. So why not dive into the funny side of life.

I energetically raised my right hand in front of my rear-view mirror and gave him the friendliest, most welcoming wave I could, smiling and even jumping up and down in my seat.

Much to my surprise, the young man returned my enthusiastic wave with a weak one. Yes, all of his fingers were involved in this wave. Outstanding!

Next, he backed off my bumper and then he let me in at a merger that was coming up. He could have sped up to pass me, cutting me off.

Maybe he thought I was his mother’s friend, the preacher’s wife, or his long-lost Aunt Betilda. Whatever the reason, he had become a perfect gentleman and citizen of the Miami roads. Ta da!

Since that day, I do this whenever I get the Miami Salute. I get a 65-75% return on my wave with a reciprocated wave.