Military Workshops

Educate. Empower. Entertain.


Workshops for Warriors and their Families

Deployment Resilience is the epitome of a Red Shoe attitude. 

Red Shoe Workshops support our US Airmen, Coast Guardsman, Marines, Soldiers, Sailors, active duty, reserve, guard, veterans, and military families from enlistment, to deployment, to reintegration. 

  • Resilience and Readiness
  • Family Communication
  • Intimate Communication for Couples 
  • Parenting
  • Playful Loving for couples
  • Polite Shut-Ups: Harness the Power of Anger
  • Infinity and Beyond: Post-Combat Risk-Taking
  • Moral Injury
  • What now? Dream Big
  • Military Kids' Expert Panel

Joyful Rhythms™ Programs

Joyful Rhythms  Programs run from an hour to weekend retreats.

Military couples face additional challenges: frequent moves, job and school changes, geographic separations, emotional upheaval with deployment, role changes, mortal fears, moral injuries that strain faith, future uncertainties, decisions about if and when to have children and how to raise them, and reintegration after deployment and separations required by training exercises. Bottom line, military couples are stressed as they attempt to establish Joyful Rhythms™ for daily life. Communication and shared agreements are key. 

  • Joyful Rhythms™ for Military Parents
  • Joyful Rhythms™ for Military Couples
  • Joyful Rhythms™ for Military Families


Workshops That Hit Home

Learn and practice the skills for success. Laugh. A lot.

All work and no play makes anyone dull. Red Shoe Workshops help you sharpen your skills, and practice new skills, in an interactive learning culture. With a bit of fun and a big dose of humor, our skill-based workshops grab your team's attention and invite risk-taking to reach for the ultimate in personal enhancement for workplace success.

Be educated and empowered as you network with battle buddies and loved ones.

Laugh, Communicate, and Connect

Military families face unique challenges.

They face multiple goodbyes with multiple deployments, frequent moves, mortal fears, and the heart ache of longing, anticipation, and reunions. Even the joy of reunions comes with the challenge of readjusting, again, to reintegration. Warriors and their families need time to laugh and network as they discuss their experiences, learn how to access their military benefits, and skills to prepare them for successful employment.

People change, roles change, and so do expectations. Why face these life tasks alone? Red Shoe Workshops draw people  to laugh and learn together.

Her passion for our military shines…

“Dr. Margarita Gurri is by far the most dynamic speaker I have had the privilege of working with.  Her patriotism is unparalleled and her love for our country and those who serve to support it shine through in every aspect of her engagements.  The common sense approach to tackling daily military challenges is inspiring.  The feedback we receive from our attendees demonstrates that she is able to connect, relate, and inspire Service members and families alike. Her  passion for our military shines through in her presences as well as her presentations!”

Warrior and Family Support, Regional Coordinator