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Always Attention Getting.
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Red Shoe Military support programs address the specific issues our service people face.

Deployment Resilience is the epitome of a Red Shoe attitude. Battle readiness and family readiness go hand-in hand pre-, mid-, and post-deployment for our U.S. Airmen, Coast Guardsman, Marines, Soldiers, and Sailors.

Active duty, reserve, guard, and retired service members and military families are supported with Keynotes, Workshops, and Consultations addressing communication skills, humor and stress. remote syncing, reconnecting, post-combat risk-taking, land everyone's go-to in times of stress, anger.

Deployment SupportĀ 

Reduce the stresses related to all stages of deployment.

Prepare for deployment with a strong, practical, fun family plan with agreements for privacy, sharing, communicating...

Strengthen bonds during deployments with remote syncing.

Bring the experiences of the deployment and its separation to the future to invite better choices, more success, closer ties...


The perfect cure for the common keynote.

Nothing says success like a happy client, and fortunately, we have a lot of those! Learn from our clients why a Red Shoe Keynote is right for your organization.

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Learn and practice the skills for success. Laugh. A lot.

Participants are invited to share how a Red Shoe Attitude has helped them laugh more, communication better, and connect more meaningfully. Share your story today!

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