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  • March 26, 2018
    10:00 pm - 10:55 pm

Customer Service Tips for Excellence

Everyone is your customer: clients, vendors, and colleagues. Workplace satisfaction improves when we extend respect to internal customers – colleagues and supervisors.

How do you do this? The answer is customer service excellence. Two communication strategies from the TopLine Patient Experience training help us deal with even the most frustrating internal customers: Empathy and Heart-Head-Heart Communication™.

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Crack the Code for Dealing with Difficult People

Do grumpy, bossy, fussy, energy vampires exist in the world of insurance? Yep! Be the best of the best in business by gracefully managing even the most difficult people.

Insurance professionals seek customer service excellence. This can be illusive given the crankiness inspired by ever-changing insurance processes, deadlines, pricing, and wishful thinking.

Difficult people are everywhere —at work, at home, in traffic, and even on vacation.
Clients want more for less without sticking to enrollment deadlines. Colleagues get angry; they whine, cry, curse, avoid work, know it all, and become moody. Business owners hire poorly, fail to set clear expectations, miscommunicate, change their minds, grump, demean, and forget to give kudos when due.

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