Nothing Says Success Like Happy Clients.

The Ethical Speaker is a great resource for CSP applicants

and anyone hoping to add professionalism to their speaking business. And you'll be surprised to find it's also an enjoyable read. Sprinkled with quotes from people you know, ranging from Zig Ziglar to Warren Buffet, each page pulls you along ... enjoyably.

This is not some theoretical tome. After more than three decades as an NSA professional, I recognized many of the situations in this book because I've faced them myself. When it comes down to it, you just can't argue with the wisdom of such pithy advice as asking yourself what your hero would do, and then doing exactly that. This makes the ethical mission easy to embrace. We all want to do the right thing. The Ethical Speaker offers a super simple solution to figuring out just what that is.”


George Walther, CSP, CPAE 

Possesses a very positive attitude…

"I was very impressed with Dr. Margarita Gurri, she was definitely a crowd pleaser. She had relevant information, and spiced it up with anecdotes and video. Laughter is definitely healing, and with the different scenarios experienced by our members and families, I believe they all were touched by her presentation. Reintegration is very important to families, and members. I see much upheaval during this process. Having eyes opened to the fact that it is not a honeymoon period, but a difficult time for some, puts the families and members at ease. I highly recommend Dr. Gurri for future events. She possesses a very positive attitude that is contagious! This helps to get the program off on the right foot, and encourages members to attend her break out sessions. 'Family Readiness - A Key to Mission Readiness'"

The kids really open up…

"I have seen Dr Gurri (cadre of speaker family counselor) do a session with the kids to discuss their fears and anger for deployments; parents were invited to come up and join their kids for these sessions. The childcare provider facilitated the time for each age group. As a group, the kids really open up and the parents were thankful to open the discussion up and hear what their children thought or feared. The kids seemed relieved that other kids were experiencing the same fears."

Deborah (Deb) Mears
OSD/RA , Office of Defense, Reserve Affairs, Yellow Ribbon Specialist

Highly practical and interactive…

'Ethics and Sexual Harassment programs perfectly matched the needs of the City of Miami Beach. This custom-designed program was presented in a highly practical and interactive format, making Ethics instantly relevant for every participant. Dr. Gurri's dynamic training style kept our staff riveted and wanting for more!'

Leslie Rosenfeld, Ph.D.
City of Miami Beach, Organizational Developmment

Always exceed client expectations…

'Dr. Margarita Gurri has served as a facilitator and consultant on numerous projects for Barry University's ACE Institute for Training and Professional Development. She approaches all assignments with enthusiasm, creating vibrant, customized programs that always exceed client expectations. Dr. Gurri excels at putting people at ease, thereby creating an environment where real learning and change … Continue reading Always exceed client expectations…

Susan Kaye
Barry University, ACE Institute for Training and Professional Development, Training Director

Her energy and joie de vivre is infectious…

"She is an excellent clinician who practices her craft with expertise, caring and integrity. She is an extremely ethical professional, valuing diversity and facilitating positive change in her clients. In addition to her psychotherapy skills she is an extremely effective consultant and presenter. Her expertise allows her to teach and consult on a wide variety of topics related to both children and adults. Finally, Dr. Gurri is an author who writes for the lay public. Her goals are always the betterment of her community and her readership. In addition to all of these skills, Dr. Gurri is an energetic, playful and extremely loving human being. Her energy and joie de vivre is infectious and I have no hesitation in giving her my highest recommendation."

Ed Dunkelblau, Ph.D.
Director, The Institute for Emotionally Intelligent Learning

Avoid many potential conflicts…

As a government official, I used to frequently struggle with managing conflicts, both internal and external to the organization. I had almost lost hope when I decided to contact Dr. Margarita for coaching. She guided me to identify and focus on my strengths and to recognize and control my weaknesses. A better understanding of myself, in conjunction with useful techniques Dr. Margarita taught me, enabled me to avoid many potential conflicts and better manage the inevitable conflicts with subordinates, other managers, and constituent businesses. One-on-one coaching from Dr. Margarita provided a positive return on my investment by enabling me to shape my future as a manager. I am confident that she would be similarly effective in a group setting.

Michael Mullane, CPA
Principal Administrative Officer, Municipality of Anchorage, Treasury Division

Dynamic personality and tact…

'I wanted to thank you for taking the time to speak with all of us at Summit-Questa Montessori School. I was extremely impressed by your dynamic personality and tact in discussing such an important and sensitive subject. As a parent of 6 children, 4 daughters and 2 sons, I have had a lot of experience … Continue reading Dynamic personality and tact…

Diane Grant
PTO President, Summit-Questa Montessori School