Leaders need an edge. We hone that edge.

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Build teams. Boost skills. Inspire results.

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Maximize effectiveness by improving communication.

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Workshops That Don't Feel Like Work.

Learn and practice the skills for success. Laugh. A lot.

All work and no play makes anyone dull. Red Shoe Workshops help you sharpen your skills, and practice new skills, in an interactive learning culture.

With a bit of fun and a big dose of humor, our skill-based workshops grab your team's attention and invite risk-taking to reach for the ultimate in personal enhancement for workplace success.

Walk the high road to success with a Red Shoe Workshops.

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Always On-Key

Red Shoe Keynotes: The perfect compliment to a Red Shoe Workshop

Like a great bottle of wine with dinner, a Red Shoe Keynote is the perfect compliment to a Red Shoe Workshop. The Keynote helps set the tone for the skills we practice and develop in the Workshop.

Always customized to the needs of your organization, a Red Shoe Keynote helps energize your team and gives them the skills, and motivation, for success.

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Watch and read what our clients say about us.

Nothing says success like a happy client. Fortunately, we have a lot of those! Learn from our clients why a Red Shoe Keynote is right for your organization.

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Success Stories

Real stories where a Red Shoe attitude has made life better.

Participants are invited to share how a Red Shoe Attitude has helped them laugh more, communication better, and connect more meaningfully.
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